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Using MdotM SDK with AdMob Mediation SDK

Implementation Instructions

For integrating MdotM Ads into the AdMob Mediation SDK or Google Play Services way of showing ads, follow the steps below.

 Ex: Without adding test device if you request then in the logcat Admob SDK prints following message.
To get test ads on this device, call


Please copy paste the code in request object and you should get test ads on your device.

  • Email with questions

Guidelines to Use AdMob Mediation Sample Apps

  • Import Project into your work-space.
  • Create app UnitId from
  • Add generated UnitId in sample code ( /
  • Add TestDeviceId from logcat in sample code ( /

Integrating with AdMob Reporting

Navigate to "Your Account" -> "Your Profile" to retrieve your AccountID and Secret Key for use with AdMob to see reporting statistics and auto-optimization.

Sample Application

MdotM SDK+AdMob Adapter Interstitial Sample Application